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CPI, Industrial is a leading provider of personalized specifications and turnkey resinous flooring and lining solutions. We have been serving our customers in Ohio and across the United States since 1989.

CPI Industries is based in Mount Sterling, Ohio. We also have a strong presence in Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania. While we continue to support and service our national accounts our national presence will continue to increase.

Our experience is your success. Before we even start your project, you will be benefiting from our years of experience. We will provide you with a coating and or linings' specification unique to your flooring needs based on your facilities, environment, day to day operations and the existing floor conditions. We also take the time and necessary steps to meet your safety, environmental and tough scheduling requirements.

Once the CPI project managers and employed installers step onto your floor, you will immediately see what separates our crews from any other contractors you may have. Preparation is the key to the success of any flooring project. With the right equipment, the effort our crews put forth into the preparation of your floor to insure proper adhesion of your new flooring system is unmatched.




HERE IS JUST A SMALL SAMPLE OF THE PLACES YOU CAN FIND CPI INDUSTRIAL INSTALLED FLOORING.                                                                          


                                        P.O. Box 235

                                   299 Yankeetown St.
                                Mt. Sterling, Ohio 43143